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Despite over 20 years of stability since the ravishing of war and genocide, Cambodia still remains one of the poorest countries in Asia. While industry is growing and tourism continues to rise, bringing with them a range of benefits, inequality remains substantial, with many people in rural and intercity areas still living in extreme poverty.

In Sihanoukville the growing number of economic migrants (here to work at the port or in the tourism industry) has seen a steady rise in the number of slum dwellers. Within our community most of the families are living in tin or wooden shacks with no access to running water. The pressures of life and need for sustainability often then leads families to send children out to work (collecting cans, selling on beaches) instead of to school, pushing them toward the many dangers of life on the street.

In the face of so many problems Cambodia remains bravely resilient. The kindness and optimism shown everyday by its people is truly astounding.